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Communication by Email, Website Forms or Chat

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  2. Once we conduct a conflict of interest investigation, and confirm that we would have no conflict in undertaking representation, we will outline our terms of engagement in writing.
  3. Accordingly, please note that, if you ask us to conduct a comprehensive search and render an opinion on the availability of a trademark or service mark for use and registration, or ask us to file an application for federal registration of a trademark or service mark, or render any other legal service, we will first conduct a conflict of interest investigation, and will decline the representation if we have a conflict.
  4. Please do not send us any unsolicited information about representing you in a particular matter, other than the information you provide in our web-based forms, unless requested to do so by a TrademarkShoppe attorney or paralegal after we have confirmed the existence of an attorney-client relationship. Such unsolicited communication may not be considered confidential or protected under the attorney-client privilege.
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  2. It should be appreciated that trademark law is complex and very subjective, especially in evaluating likelihood of confusion between two marks. It is possible that an Examining Attorney in the USPTO will not agree with your attorney’s assessment of likelihood of confusion, and there is no guarantee that any trademark or service mark will ultimately be found to be registrable.
  3. It should also be appreciated that searching for similar marks is very complex. It is dependent upon USPTO employees correctly adding information to the database, and it is also dependent upon complex comparison and weighting algorithms implemented by software. We can make no guarantee that all pertinent marks will be found in either a knockout or comprehensive search.
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